Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Lithium Aluminum?
    Lithium Aluminum is a 2000 series alloy that has been alloyed/infused with lithium. Current 5th generation alloys, 2055 and 2099 are the most advanced aluminum alloys commercially available. They are truly stronger, tougher, lighter, etc.
  2. Why are your parts so much lighter?
    We manufacture our components from advanced materials such as titanium, magnesium, and lithium aluminum.
  3. Do you ship outside the United States?
    No, we don’t export directly. We ship our products to the 50 states only. We work with two of our product Distributors (Rainer Arms, WA and Civil Arms, CT) that handle all V Seven exporting. We recommend customers contact either distributor directly for purchasing.
  4. Do you offer V Seven apparel?
    We do. You can view all of our V Seven apparel and gear here.
  5. What is your Return Policy?
    Please refer to our policies page.
  6. What is your Shipping Policy?
    Please refer to our policies page.
  7. Why am I receiving a “Gateway Error” when I am checking out?
    Our system is set up to immediately charge out your payment information once the order is placed to avoid any credit card information from being saved in the database. The following may be the cause of you receiving this error message:
    • For order purposes your billing and shipping address MUST match. (FFL information can be sent via email or in the comment section of your order)
    • Your billing address does not match your credit card’s billing information.
    • Your billing zip code should only require the first 5 digits, additional digits in your zip code will disrupt the transaction.
    • Your bank or creditor may be putting a stop to the charges.
    • Insufficient funds in your payment account.
    If none of these factors apply to you, please give us a call and we can help you with the transaction.
  8. Where can I get instructions to install my V Seven handguard or barrel?
    Please refer to our blog post with instructions and click on the images.