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Most gun enthusiasts will agree that no collection is complete without an AR-15. Whether you buy one already complete or build an AR-15 to fit your personal preferences, you have options. Because of the price tag on AR-15 guns, some owners find it a better option to build their own AR-15, bearing the question, is it cheaper to buy an AR-15 or build an AR-15?

Differences in Purchased AR-15 Models

When you purchase an already built AR-15, you have several options to choose from. There are basic models that perform but do not have additional accessories on them. Accessories can be added later, but the gun itself has a foundation to fit the owner's preference.

  • Barrel Length
  • Stock size and type

These base model rifles do come in several sizes, depending on how long or short you prefer the barrel of your AR-15. Stock preferences are also important to gun owners, and

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