V Seven Weapon Systems is your solution to manufactured weapon components and firearms. What sets V Seven apart? We were one of the first weapons manufacturers to use high-end, tech-savvy metal alloys including titanium, magnesium and lithium aluminum. We have pushed boundaries in the AR world and have taken the lead in bringing truly innovative products to the commercial market. Our manufacturing process provides you with an improved shooting experience with firearms that are truly stronger, tougher, and lighter. We guarantee our products to perform exceptionally well for our customers, which is why we offer a 100% lifetime warranty on all parts manufactured by V Seven Weapon Systems.

V Seven sells directly to consumers through online sales, but you can also find V Seven weapons and components across the country through one of our many distributors.

International Sales

V Seven Weapon Systems provides complete worldwide logistical support to help facilitate the distribution of our components around the world. With expertise in ITAR & EAR related exports, we can help support individual purchases as well as develop business-to-business relationships. Email us at exports@vsevenweapons.com to get started.